Model with short blond hair hearing black structured Jennifer Ritz jacket and fitted skirt.


Bold. Sleek. Chic. A luxe eponymous brand, Jennifer Ritz focuses on modern minimalism that transcends time and trends. At its core is a fusion of classic tailoring and vintage glamour, reinvented for today’s woman. Clean lines, supreme quality and complex construction are central to its design mission. Infinitely wearable, yet as unique and iconic as a work of art, these statement-making pieces are for the confident, creative and courageous. The perfect melding of femininity and power is fundamental to the Jennifer Ritz brand.

Insisting upon meticulous quality and longevity, contrary to today’s affliction of fast fashion, this proud American brand is ethically produced in New York City by skilled artisans that are masters of their craft.

Expressing her individuality with unfiltered authenticity, Jennifer draws inspiration from art, architecture, nature and global culture. “Japonaiserie”, the signature collection, is a nod to Jennifer’s love of Japanese aesthetics. The country’s architecture and geometry reminiscent of origami played heavily in the minimalistic designs. The collection is a fusion of bold silhouettes, rich color and luxurious fabrics with a distinct “edginess”. Like all Jennifer Ritz designs, each piece is engineered to flatter the female form and designed specifically for her muse: the woman who knows who she is and what she wants, who inherently possesses a strong sense of personal style and effortless chic, and who can’t help but turn heads every time she makes an entrance.


Jennifer began her design training at a very young age. With her father being a mechanical engineer, as a child she was intrigued by how things were built and how they functioned. She believes this is the source of her fascination with unique construction techniques and distinctive silhouettes. Her mother, an antique dealer and interior designer, exposed her to an everchanging array of beautiful and rare objects from all over the world and from all different time periods. The designer credits her mother’s eclectic style and keen eye for the unique as the source of her obsession with rich color combinations, amazing textures and textiles, and a love of nostalgia that permeate each one of her designs.

By the age of 8, she was making patterns and sewing clothes for her dolls. Her first job at the age of 16 was at a local sewing shop, where her formal education in textiles and construction began. With fashion now her career goal, she attended the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in NYC and obtained a degree in Fashion Merchandising. As a student there, she was selected to do an internship at Selfridge’s in London, where she was tutored by store executives at every level. It was her first introduction to the excitement of living abroad, and as a result, has become an avid traveler and lover of all cultures. She then attended Parson’s School of Design in NYC, then graduated at Parson’s Paris with a BFA in Fashion Design, her true passion.

It was not until the age of 50, for her, a time of serious reflection, that Jennifer decided to pursue her dream of having her own collection. Jennifer believes that one is never too old to reinvent oneself and encourages everyone to pursue their dreams. The designs you see today are the culmination of half a century of inspiration and life experience.